Products & solutions


GAS BOOSTER SYSTEMS: Hermetically sealed Gas Boosters and Fully Integrated Custom Fabricated Systems designed to elevate gas pressure when utility gas service is inadequate to service new equipment requirements.

HB Series
Hermetically Sealed Design
Capacities from 500 to 100,000 CFH
Differential pressures to 35” w.c

HIGH EFFICIENCY DOMESTIC WATER HEATERS: On-demand, high-efficiency, gas fired and indirect instantaneous domestic water heaters. Some of the unique and innovative features include:

  • Small Footprint Configuration
  • Fully Redundant Modular Design
  • Scalable Output

CONTROLS AND FULLY INTEGRATED CONTROL SYSTEMS: our controls team works with you to design controls systems to meet your application. Some applications of our control systems are as below:

  • Boiler Plant Management and Building Temperature Control Systems
  • Boiler Control, Instrumentation, Flow Measurement and SCADA Systems
  • Variable Speed Pump and Sequencing Control Systems
  • Remote Monitoring and Communicating Building Automation Systems
  • Gas Leak Detection, Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Gas Fired Power Generating and Power Monitoring Systems

CUSTOM DESIGNED AND FABRICATED SYSTEMS: we are capable of working with your team to design and supply fully integrated combustion systems and control technologies from plans and specifications or design build concepts. Some examples of these applications are:

  • Gas and Oil Fired Steam and Hydronic Heating Plants
  • Large Capacity Domestic Hot Water Heating and Storage Systems
  • Gas and Oil Delivery Monitoring Systems
  • Gas Pressure Regulating Stations
  • Flue Gas Recovery and Heat Transfer Systems