Case studies

The following case studies provide samples of our capabilities in gas booster, domestic hot water heater, energy efficiency boiler, and control and automation offerings.

Multi-Purpose Indoor Arena
With limited low-pressure gas service available to the arena, Accardi Companies assisted engineers in designing a comprehensive and fully automatic gas booster system to elevate the incoming gas pressure and provide the necessary gas pressure for the arena’s cooking operations.

Federal Correction Facility
A large federal correction institution required a reliable supply of hot water to meet the needs of the 1500 occupant facility. Our Intelli-hot high efficiency gas-fired instantaneous water heaters and combi-boiler / water heat products provided the ideal solution.

Multi-Family Residential Building
Accardi Companies worked with a large owner and operator of apartment communities throughout the United States to replace the boilers in a multi-family residential building. The operating efficiency of the existing boilers was less than 75%. Challenged by limited access to an old building basement where only modular equipment with a small footprint could be installed utilizing standard size doorways, Accardi provided boilers and a building monitoring management system that enabled the customer to maintain boiler efficiencies in the range of 94% to 98%.

Custom Designed HVAC Automation System with Remote Communications for a High School
Accardi Companies provided an automation controls solution for a high school enabling the ability to monitor and control the existing heating plant operation and permit the controlling of the building’s multiple heating zones utilizing a standard web browser accessible from both on-site and remote devices.